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About Us

01 Quality Advantage


· 1. The most advanced technologies and ISO quality control system.

· 2. Our masks meet the requirements of relevant standards in China, Europe and US.

· 3. Our masks passed tests of a lot of authentic testing centers like SGS in Europe, NPPTL in US and CNAS in China.


02 Certification & Production

· 1. We have the widest mask models: medical grade and non-medical grade, 3 ply, foldable and cup shape type, with valve and without valve, ear loop and head wear type.

· 2. We have FDA certificate and are listed in FDA EUA, Appendix A: Authorized Imported, Non-NOISH Approved Respirators Manufactured in China.

· 3. We have CE certificate issued by EU authorized certification organizations, such as NB2834 CCQS, NB2163 Universal and NB1463 PRS.

· 4. We have three production bases located in the most convenient areas in China, with production capacity of 1 million pcs per day.

5. We have two brands, Runbo and Tintele to meet different demand of mask type from our customers.


03 Technical Advantage

· 1. We develop both traditional masks using melt-blown material and upgrade masks using PTFE material.

· 2. All masks produced by us are with excellent filtration efficiency. FDA used to sample our KN95 masks in US market three times, and did tests in NPPTL. All three times’ tests showed excellent filtration efficiency from ≥ 95% to 100%. Two batches of which even showed 100% filtration efficiency.

· 3. 3D cut design, user-friendly, softy and comfortable

· 4. Adjustable nose clip helps provide a custom and secure seal

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